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What are your dreams, goals and career aspirations?


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My dream during childhood and my teen years was to be a neonatalogist because I love working with babies. However, along the way somewhere, I decided that I can't deal with blood and I get rather ill upon seeing it. I never used to be like that, but being a doctor is out now. I can't be fainting every day.

Now, I've decided that when I do go back to school, I want to get my Business Management degree in IT. I work well with computers and I also like the business side of things. My job now at Target isn't always cake and rainbows, but overall, as a whole, I like working for the company. They've allowed me to grow as a person and learn to like and respect myself.

What is your (realistic) dream job? Do you have any goals for the job that you're currently at?
I used to want to become an English Literature lecturer, but that went downhill. :p
I'd love to be a popular YouTuber - it's an enjoyable job and there are YouTubers out there earning over a million annually. I'd love all the experiences and friends that you come across from doing it. I guess it's realistic if I really work for it, but whether I will or not... haha.
Having been extremely fortunate in life for which I am more than grateful for, my last remaining life plans/dreams are my wedding next year (Sept.13th 2014) and then hopefully should I be blessed in being able to have children, becoming the very best mother and loving wife I can.
When I was young I had choices what I wanted to become in the future ,one of those is to become an Engineer, to be specific a Civil Engineer because I was very curious on how buildings are built ,how they construct it. So, now I’m in the process of becoming an Engineer and I hope I can make it until I become one.
I... wanted to be a train guard.

Now I kind of work with them. Close enough, freedom of my own hours. No ****ty every-3-minute shift starts. I love my job.