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What did you do before you came on the computer?


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So what did you do before you came on the computer? I'm just in actually. I only had two classes today so i get to come home early. Looking forward to relaxing by listening to some music and posting on a few forums :)
Hmm, just had a nice sleep due to the restlessness from the Job.
I had to clean out all my pets which is over 22 animals in total fro rats to lizards to cats.I also had to do the house work :)
Phew 22 pets really..nice to know that crazymum :)
I woke up and then had a shower. Been trying to get my site back up and running.
I was having my breakfast and a nice cup of coffee as i have to have coffee in the morning
Had to clean all my rat cages out so over 30 of them,House work shopping for food and bedding for all my pets.Cooked dinner for my hubby and done some house work
Being a mom is the toughest job in the world.

I just had some snacks and sitting idle in front of the computer :D
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