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What do you do with your hair?

Ponytails for when I workout and it's dyed red right now. I let the curls naturally bounce. Oh, and I got bangs a few months ago, which I straighten on occasion because that's the whole purpose of bangs.
Mine's short so there isn't much I can do with it. I either use a bit of gel/hairspray or just leave it to dry naturally and hope it sits right :p
I just use a hair dryer to make it puffy and over to the side. I don't really care that much haha
I just brush it and that's it. I am using a headband now though because I'm growing out my bangs and they don't always like to behave. But generally, I don't do much to my hair. Sometimes I have it in a ponytail if it's hot and sometimes my mom puts it in a braid for me if she feels like it.
Literally brush it and yeah that's it :) Think it looks better like that but sometimes I tie it up and I'm trying to grow it but only like my fringe is growing the rest of my hair isn't D:
I just wash and comb the **** thing. My hair's like wire; I'm thinking of changing shampoo, or even trying out solid shampoo & conditioner. Starting to get a preference for cold showers and liquid-based hair products don't work very well in them.
Wash it, blow dry it, let it stay a ball of fuzz for the night, tend to straighten it the next day at some point. If I go out then I'll put it up however I feel like depending on where I'm going and what I'm wearing. I have a lot of hair so I can to a variety of things with it. But I don't do anything complex most of the time. These days I tend to put it in a side French braid, a regular French braid, pull it up into a pony tail and then French braid it, two French braids on each side of my head - usually a little low hanging, French braid the front sections of my hair back then put it in a small pony tail (with the rest of my hair remaining down) and after the the tie is secure I take out the left over part of the braid so basically I just have small braids on the sides of my head, or I'll tie up the top layers of my hair into a loose pony tail then braid that and once I tie it at the end I take out the first tie so my braid looks nicer, or I'll just pull up the top layers of hair into a pony tail and leave the rest down.

Most of the time I require hair clips, which tend to wanna come loose, because my hair sticks out otherwise.

However sometimes I just leave it down. I have long beautiful brown hair so it needs to be admired. And I basically am rocking a Hime cut which pretty much means long, straight, with straight down bangs/fringe. My bangs are right at my eyebrows also, so when it comes to certain types of braids I'm sort of limited as to what I can do unless I figure out how to put it up in a similar way even without my bangs.

But sometimes I'll wear pig tails / dog ears / twin tails. Because I'm childlike and it works for me.

All in all, just depends on my mood. I tend to prefer it partially up, so it stays out of my face, but still down so it's length can be shown off. It probably hits a little past the bottom of my rib cage now, but the goal is long enough to where I might accidentally sit on it if I'm not careful. But I just got a trim also, sadly it was my mother who did the trimming so it got a little shorter than what I wanted.

I love my hair. Maybe a little too much.
I use to keep my hair shoulder length. Now I am older , I keep it very short. My hair is easier to manage. Takes less shampoo and conditioner to wash it. Not plugging up the drain.
I don't do a lot with my hair. I just make sure that I wash it and put conditioner after because if I don't, it will be frizzy and dry. I even color and trim my own hair maybe every 3 months. I rarely go to salons because aside from the fact that it is expensive, it will take a lot of your time. Anyway, I do not have much to do with my hair because I put it in a bun everyday due to my work. It is a requirement. :coldsweat:x'D
I was the type of teen who quite tried a lot of treatment on the hair and I also loved to do different types of braids and buns on my hair. But growing up and experienced damaged hair because of those I became more conscious on what to do and use on my hair. I mostly just let it hang on straight or sometimes put it on a bun. I learned that it is more better if you will not use a shampoo on a daily basis except conditioner.