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What healthy food do you eat?


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What healthy food do you eat? Also, how often do you eat healthy food and do you make an effort to do it?

Personally I just eat whatever I'm given, though I do have an apple or banana on occasion. :p
I don't put in too much effort when it comes to being healthy. I avoid the bad preservatives, artificial colours, meat, GMOs and try to avoid microwave meals. But sometimes I'm lazy...

I eat salad, bread, pasta, vegetables... I'm not sure if all that's healthy but that's all I can think of tbh.
I love vegetables! I prefer them raw, but I'll eat them cooked, too. I eat fruit sometimes, but I'm lazy so I like to buy the fruit trays that are ready to eat! I don't like prepping food.
In all honesty I prefer healthy food, I no longer really like unhealthy stuff like chocolate and cakes idek why o_O

Though I'm never hungry either so I only really eat dinner which is always some healthy meal my mum's cooked ;)
I've never really focused on trying to eat healthy, but I do tend to.

I absolutely LOVE apples - when I was in school I would take in between 3 and 5 apples - occasionally a pasta salad.
Luckily, I have a pretty quick metabolism so haven't really had to worry weight-wise.

I also love salad. I make awesome salad.

However, I never used to get spots; or if I did it would be one huge one, but very rarely. My forehead at the moment has a few which is horrible (not large, red or anything, but small and I notice them a lot), so I'm intending to become more healthy - drink more water and such to sort my skin out. It could be hormonal changes with my Depo shot, but I REALLY hope not. The creams, wipes, lotions, etc. are just having no effect other than making my face smell like chemicals. :sad:
I don't actively try to eat healthily, but sometimes I'll persuade myself to swap the Snickers for something slightly less fattening.
I try to stay away from stuff that has additives/artificial flavours and colours/lots of preservatives/etc. but that's more because I don't like the idea of not really knowing what I'm eating rather than trying to be healthy.

I'm quite picky with fruit and veg, so I don't really tend to bother much with them unless I can be arsed to prepare them how I like them.
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My dad has a juicer and everyday he makes fresh juice with grapes, kale, apples, carrots, pears and strawberries, so I often get my servings of fruit/vegetables by drinking the juice.