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What is the strangest dream you ever had?

I have many.
One of the most memorised ones was where my teeth were crumbling in my mouth.
I can't remember, but a lot of my dreams are very random.

As a child I used to dream of a bear hiding in the back of my old house's garden; always used to freak me out. XD
I have many.
One of the most memorised ones was where my teeth were crumbling in my mouth.

Based on things I've read about dream interpretation, losing teeth can mean you're about to come into money. If you are of the mind that dreams can be interpreted!

My dreams are always strange. I can fly by just thinking about it; I can breathe under water, too. I'm usually in some kind of fight. My dreams are almost always violent. I always dream in color and my dreams have amazing detail to them. Generally, I remember most of the details.
Lately I've been having a sort of storyline series of dreams, with a new "chapter" every night. I'm in a large house that is where my grandparents used to live, only it looks nothing like their house, I just know it's their place the way you know things in dreams.
I am exploring the house as if I've never been in it before and I keep finding secret rooms. As I go through the rooms (the ones I've seen and the new secret ones) I keep finding these little treasures; things of my Granny's that she had when I was a kid.
All very strange, for sure. But this is a pleasant bunch of dreams and I hope to have a new chapter happening when I go to sleep tonight!
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I recently dreamt I was invited into Varys' apartments (from Game of thrones). Those who watch the show will know how unique that can turn into XD It was a very odd thing because it had the littlest details; the walls, the couch, the view from his chambers... I loved it.
I have very very weird, wonderful and sometimes terrifying dreams. I should make a dream journal.
I've also had quite a few lucid dreams, they can be a bit strange.
It's nice hearing about all your dreams, makes me feel better if I ever have any really creepy ones in the near future.
I have weird dreams pretty often, mostly what people would class as nightmares - but I like horror films and such so I tend to enjoy those the most.
Last night/this morning I had a dream that I was with a few old colleagues, David Tennant and some unknown people in a park at night. Then a little kid ran over saying 'He's got a stabbing machine', and before I know it, some guy in a black and red cape is chasing me around the park with a 'stabbing machine'.
I had many.
But this is what I remembered the most. I was in the top part of the building when someone pushed me so I fell down.
Me being completly naked in the public! Thats the weirdest dream I have several times which I often dream until now. I don't even know what that means, it feels weird that in my dream I am actually confident walking completely naked out in the open with people staring at me.
i had a dream i was in a ghost train at the funfair but it was about the holocaust. there was mannequins that had the black and white stripped attire like the holocaust victims would wear. theghost train slowed to a stop because of a malfunction. so i got out to check the mannequins and it turns out they werent fake but infact real dead people put into position. so i tried to get out while being chased by joseph goebbels who looked like a deranged crack addict I got away but then walked into a big hall and at the very end i seen hitler laughing on a throne with a big oversized pet wolf on a chain.he let it go it ran towards me and i woke up !! pretty f****d up. lol