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What motivates you?



What motivates you to write? For me its feelings, good or bad, both can be a motivation :)
I'm not sure, but either way I haven't had it for a couple of years now. :|
I've tried all of the things I would do when writing in the past and I have great ideas - I just don't have the motivation.
Usually when I am irritated. My best work is usually done when I am wound up :p
That's an excellent question because there are some people who don't really know what motivates them but when it comes to what motivates me, it's 100% MONEY !!!

Once there is a money factor in whatever I'm doing, my motivation will be at its peak!!
I am motivated to write based on my feelings and beliefs. I'll only write about things I truly believe in, that way I'm always writing something that has meaning and will make other people invested in what I have to say. If you don't have any drive to write, people can probably sense the lack of enthusiasm in your words.
Well, i'm very much motivated by passion as I love writing and also the desire to earn money and become financially secure. I wouldn't be writing for any reason i don't really enjoy doing it.
I always have the desire to write something down. That is the biggest motive to write. A writer being able to find a platform to express themselves is always a sweet feeling. So, writing to me has a lot to do with expression than any other thing.