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What OS do you use?


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I use Windows 7 ultimate, 64 bit version. What about yours?
I'm on OS 10.7.3. Lion. I think it's lovely.
I thought Windows 7 was pretty good too. The taskbar bugs me for some reason though, lol.
Wow macintosh OS.. nice friend..
I would prefer Linux, which I have been using for many years. I have also used Windows over the years.
Oh Macintosh, so how is ur experience with the OS.
xp is one of the best OS by windows.
I want to try mac but it's really expensive. Though I tried using it and I got confused.
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Moderators are currently needed for all default forums. These are all the topics you see on the front page. Each forum needs at least one moderator. Please message me if you are interested. No experience is necessary - just make sure you have the time to do it and can dedicate some time to it.

  • [s:1a51wqdj]General Discussion[/s:1a51wqdj] Bex[/*:m:1a51wqdj]
  • [s:1a51wqdj]Music Discussion[/s:1a51wqdj] Di_Roy#1[/*:m:1a51wqdj]
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Alrighty :)

I'll have you both set up to do that in just a moment. There will be a special mod forum at the bottom of the forum then.