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What would be your 1 wish??


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So what will be your wish if you are given a chance to do..One and only wish, no second or third :cool:
A nice wish Kudda
If I had one wish, and only one I'd honestly pick to be the best Pianist ever to exist. This will make me greater than Beethoven, and all of the best artists in the world. I love the piano, and though I cannot play it well, I find it to be the best noise in the world. It is soothing, and if anything can calm anyone down it can, and will be piano music.
A great wish pivetor. Hope you become a great Pianist with out a wish :)
lol cool, a common wish by all. But wish for a different one.
I wish to be comfortable. I don't want to be rich, i'd just like to not have to worry about money
Well, My wish is, May all my wishes be fulfilled in life..
I don't want anything else.. lol. Just that. haha.
Nice wish Anurag..
To marry my girlfriend and have a beautiful family with a comfortable enough job to support my kids. All I dream off and all I would wish for.
Nice wish Haze, hope everything moves well for you.
ah sweet one shane!
To connect the dots and see each and every reactions for my actions.

What is yours Jason
My wish is, people should have a clear mind and work for good.
Unlimited wishes a cool wish! :)