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What would you choose; death or a post apocalyptic world?


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If the world somehow got wiped out and there could only be a few survivors, would you rather try and live in this post apocalyptic world or die with the rest of the population?
Let's not have any unrealistic fantasies like Fallout or I Am Legend, because I'm almost certain that you wouldn't become a badass zombie/mutant killer as cool as it would be :p

Would you only want to live if your family/partner lived too?

Personally, if Kirk lived, I'd want to. If Kirk died, I'd want to.
Sounds sad really, but I really wouldn't want to face the world without him.
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It sounds like a really cool adventure surviving :) Even if everyone I knew died I would, I mean I'd miss them obviously but I doubt I'd be lonely forever because I'm guessing all the survivors would link and be friends? :D

Sounds really heartless but why die when I could be alive in these new conditions ;o
I'm not sure, honestly. If my family and friends died, what else would there be to live for? We wouldn't be fighting to bring our loved ones back, so what's the point? On the other hand, if they all stayed, I would, too. It would be quite the adventure!
Pew pew, gonna kill that molerat mothafuker!

Hmmm...same answer as Lauren really. No point facing the new world without a reason for you to fight.
I'd choose to survive. I think it'd be challenging but an adventure to say the least. If I really didn't like it that much I could top myself and wouldn't have to live in the changes. At least if I survive I get the to see what it's like to make an educated choice on the matter.