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What would you do without the Internet?


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What do you suppose you would be doing without the internet?

Considering it was really established a few decades ago...
I don't really know what I'd be doing. I think the internet really sparked a whole lot of technology since it allowed for instant movement of ideas. I suppose I'd be carrying around a three pound cellphone with an antennae. lol.
Lol lights, i would be watching TV and reading books.
I agree with Jason. I would be watching tv as well as reading books. But the only difference would be then it would be an actual book verses today I read in my iBooks!! Matter of fact I can't remember life before internet. Technology is awesome!!
Doing what I did before the internet. Watching television, reading books, and maybe going out side some.

Or I would just invent it and beat Al Gore to the punch.
lose what lil semblance of sanity I have left lol .. i guess i'd just read a ton of books (like i do already lol), write a lot of music and do a lot of old school relaxing! ;p
Lol i would be really bored, and wouldn't be able to work. which actually i suppose could be a bonus!
I don't know. I am not addicted to the Internet. I can do many things, for example, I would play basketball, I would hang out more with my friends or I would focus on my job. I believe that Internet is very important nowadays, that's why I use it daily. It makes my life easier and it sometimes makes me happy. I can play video games, discuss with my friends, make new friends, read articles and newspapers and many others. So I don't know what exactly I would do if Internet didn't exist. Am I the only one who believes this?
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probably just sleeping or hanging out with friends.

or just playing my offline games? :D
I lived a life similar to the one I live when I am not on the internet.. not much different really..