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Whats The Last Movie You Watched?


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What was the last movie you have watched?
I just finished watching Paranormal Activity 3.
Wow, it was not as I expected. It was pretty exciting to see more!
I'm glad I watched it during the day, lol.

What movie did you watch last?
An animation movie dude.. Featuring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek
The last movie I saw was, Kahaani, by Vidya Balan. Exellent Story. The ending was too good, I saw this 3 times in same movie hall.. lol, First with my GF, then Friends and then with my elder sister.. :p
Saw American Reunion last night. It was HILARIOUS. Best part: there was no one under the age of 25 in that theater. Such a nice respite...

The Lincoln Lawyer starting Matthew Mcconauthey!!! Great movie. If you have Netflix you can watch it on there
the last movie was Paranormal Activity 3. supper like .

Yet to see the movie (Avengers)
Madagascar 3.

Not as funny from beginning to end as I expected.....but there were a few good parts.
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Nice ill check it out without tapatalk. And I'll try my best to pick up on posting

I love when forums decide NOT to use an app for their mobile use. I would enever force my users to buy an app in order to participate on a forum. Mobile friendly theme works much better.
Nicholas said:
I agree :p It shows they really care haha
Yes not to mention users will be more likely to post around when they are on their mobile devices when they don't have to pay compared to when they do. Which in turn, brings more content to the forum because mostly everyone brings their mobile devices everywhere they go.