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What's with all the games like minecraft?


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So I've just opened steam up and first thing I see is "Guncraft". What the actual ****?

I've started seeing a few of these games now, using squares and "Building" and stuff like that and it's annoying. I don't hate minecraft, and I don't like it either. But when I see indie developers not being able to come up with their own ideas and just go "I know, I'll remake minecraft... but with guns!" it just gets on my ****.
Well, you answered your own question.
It's like the amount of games you can find on smartphones etc. that are pretty much Farmville.
If it annoys you... you're an unhinged person.

Also, "Minecraft with guns" has existed for some time prior to Guncraft. Ace of Spades enables full block-based construction/destruction while playing competitive FPS modes. Not to mention, the majority of indie games are based on/borrow from existing titles.
You realize Minecraft itself was a ripoff of a game called Infiniminer?

Building off of other people's ideas is what we do. It's part of human nature.
You realize Minecraft itself was a ripoff of a game called Infiniminer?

Building off of other people's ideas is what we do. It's part of human nature.
Raaaagh. I knew it was based on something but I couldn't for the life of me remember what.
This is pretty much how a genre is created. People see successful stuff and they try to replicate it with minor changes to cash in on that success.
It's funny though that people would actually do that really :p I know it's how we learn etc but Guncraft? Didn't even take out "craft". It's like they don't care people know they completely ripped it off. I'd be embarrassed to bring out a spin off, could just be me :p
I don't spend alot of times looking at indie games, so I have no idea if it was done before or not. It just irritates me that developers are that lazy and as lauren says, they can't be arsed get rid of the "craft" out of the name...

Also yes I am unhinged, is that a problem?
Because they alter small aspects of the FPS genre, but on the whole keep the same formula. Much like what you're whining about here.
Tbh I think you guys are debating on something that's personal preference =

For some people COD is a new fun game each time, for others it's the same but with some new maps. Minecraft and all the other "crafts" could also all been seen as the same however, for some people they don't care. These things are allowed to bother people without them being unhinged or having something wrong with them :p
I'd say something was wrong if Sam was having mental breakdowns over it, however, he simply said it was annoying which is perfectly normal ;)
And how do they alter it? Please enlighten me
Look at Doom or Wolfenstein.

Now look at Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Now look at the stuff in between. I'm not going to waste time explaining common knowledge or showing information that can be learned by five seconds of google searching.
[MENTION=2]Lauren[/MENTION], as you say it's personal preference. But to become annoyed or agitated over it is very strange considering you can quite easily not play it. Instead of going waaaaah it sucks waaaaah they have no creativity. It's no different to joining a forum and posting a thread saying "[insert latest title here] sucks because it copied [insert slightly older title here] instead of coming up with their own ideas!"
tbh I said the exact same thing when I saw Guncraft. Cube-builders are the indie 'cash cow' for the next 2 years probably... Long live TimeSplitters!
So what your saying is fps should stay flat like doom when that first came out? You cant even compare CoD to classic doom, wolfenstien, duke nukem... The age gap is huge! Minecraft and guncraft are both recent. It's like comparing a 1940 ford to a 2013 ford focus. There is going to be change because of the time thw latter car is in! CoD is still an FPS game, which added to the genre woth better graphics and gameplay. So did battlefield and Medal of Honour and such games. This is minecraft with guns. Someone alreay said you can build and play fps. Woop de do.

My own ideas? If I was an indie developer I would find something new, not copy a game, and guns and change one word of the title.

Also, I haven't played the game, neither did I say i had. I gave my opinion it was ridiculous and you thought you'd be clever and try to call my unhinged. I guess that also makes Sileter and DJ unhinged for sharing my view?
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