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What's your favorite email service provider?


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There are so many email service providers out there but with Gmail and Yahoo mail and Microsoft the most popular one's. Which one do you prefer their services the most? It's Gmail for me always.
Gmail has a lot of features that give users the option of saving, sending and blocking some email accounts. I make use of Google mail because they have showed that they can be trusted in the long run.
I have been making use of Zoho mail and Mailchimp. They have been excellent for me for years now. I don't trust Google and their Gmail fully because they sell users data.
Google mail have been the number one for some time now, ever since I started using android, it's just between me and Gmail.
Google is user friendly and it's pretty easy for most people to make use of their services. It's probably why they have so much patronizers today.
Gmail is my preferred email provider. I do still use Hotmail for one of my emails which is the email linked to my Xbox account but other than that, I don't tend to use any other email providers but Gmail.
I use Gmail as my main email provider, and I have a personal email that I use for bills and I have an email for my cat website.
My favorite email provider is gmail. It’s been my go to email provider for the past couple of years.