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I am from Tamil Nadu, India. What about you?
I am from Virginia, which is the East Cost of the United States. I have been born and raised here for my whole life.

Which part of USA
Nurse practitioners slowly gain autonomy

When the federal health law takes effect in January, some 30 million more Americans are expected to have health insurance, many for the first time. An already critical shortage of primary care providers may make a doctor?s appointment hard to come by. Increasingly, you might hear, ?The nurse will see you now.?


If I can survive this is ultimately what I want to do. Would you see a Nurse Practitioner over a Doctor? A NP is the same as a PA and people already see them - it's just a different acronym and route to the same destination. NP's actually have more experience. So what do you think??
We don't have PA's in Australia but we have GP's and I would see an NP any day of the week over a GP. In Australia GP's are a ****ing joke, they are just lazy, stupid doctors who can't get real jobs and misdiagnose people because they couldn't be bothered to exam them properly, an NP would be so much better.
What's a GP? I'm guessing...General Practitioner perhaps? I'm not really sure if that's right or what sort of training they would have lol. I think so too. To be a NP you have to have 10 years of nursing experience and a masters degree. That's my end goal at this point although I'd be happy to just start the RN path right now lol.

I hope by the time I get up there they are recognized better. America also have PA's (Physician Assitants) which are the same as NP's but with less time invested. You can become a PA right out of college but the NP has to have almost a decade of experience before they begin even. America is starting to recognize PA's but I wonder how long it'll take to recognize NP's.

I agree with the article though. Healthcare is changing and the doctor role is different. We no longer need doctors in the same sense as we did in the 1950's. We have many different roles and many different types of people can do different things - you don't need that magical MD or DO title to do it.