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I am currently looking at a video course which is called 30 Days to learn C# but are there any other good places for me to start? I've always wanted to learn this language but have never actually bothered because I cannot find the resources.

Any help?
@haze Hi i'm currently working on it to make video tuts on basic c# and app developments using c# for windows phone apps and windows 8 apps.
First of all you should know c++ or java(any oop language) to learn c# easily.

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/hh341490.aspx is the best place to start.

Foremost Step: Download visual studio from https://www.dreamspark.com at free of cost if you are a student. if you really want to go ahead, inbox me about your mail id and college details. i will send you activation code. once you have visual studio with you, it will be really funny to play with c#. start with c# console application. All the best.