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Why change me?


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Put 3 things people do to try to change you.


-Tell me what to do.
-Try to control me.
-Take away all the stuff I like.
- Tell me how to dress
- Tell me what I should be doing with my future
- Tell me what I should be doing in my free time
Many changes can be for the better. Perhaps they're just looking out for you.

-Change my opinion on trivial things such as books or TV shows. If I do not enjoy it, I do not enjoy it. Telling me about the intricacies or how hot [x] actor is will not alter my perspective.
-Attempt to engage me in societal conventions I don't enjoy. I don't like the club scene much, stop trying to get me to go.
-Placeholder because I can't think of anything else.
I don't feel like anyone's actually done anything to try and change me.
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There's always someone trying to change something about you. I can't remember specific examples for me :p
My Dad ALWAYS tries to change me omfg it's so annoying

Like whenever I listen to any kind of music in the charts he makes me turn it off and says I can't listen to it again, he tells me what to think about certain things, doesn't let me like literally everything that I actually like etc.

But yeah I pay no attention to him and you shouldn't pay any attention to them either, just ignore them. They're just losers :)