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Windows or IOS or Android


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What platform mobile you will purchase next. I am planning to go for Android. Currently i am a symbian user.
I'm on Andriod currently and I think I'll stick with them. They are the cheapest and have the best value for money. + if you buy a more expensive andriod they have better functionality than the Iphone :)
Hmm, i too thinking of switching from Symbian to Android. Planning to go for Xperia Ray.
I think Windows and Symbian phones too have decent prices
Android! Although I bet you could tell that from my username. :p I just like all of the ways you can customise the phone. For me iOS doesn't have enough options.
Yes, i think iOS will be beaten by Google Android soon!
I have an android phone and iOS.
I am bit disturbed by why most Android Apps (even games) get access to your phone directory, its either take it or leave it.
I read some where, if you 'root' the system you can disable this, but that may invalidate the warranty. With iOS, the security seems very strong, ie user always seem to have the option.
ive used IOS over 3 years, and it seems pretty cool, and the reason i chose it is because they have a super strong App store, and the devices r exquisite.
Yes, but lacks certain features which we find in other low cost models
I dunno, maybe another windows's phone and mobile too... not too huge on the AndroidOS for mobiles.
I have just purchase the newest Ipod, with the latest IOS. I am pretty settled with this, and find that it is better than anything I could ask. I went from using the first generation Ipod Touch, to the fourth generation. It is fast, reliable, and can do everything I need. So I don't think I'll be purchasing any more in the next 3 years.
I prefer Windows. Right now... I am a symbian user but I am planning to buy a windows phone because... I just like its interface mainly the colored TILES :)
But i don't like it much, it is too congested menus.
I love Android, although I have been thinking of switching to the iphone because of its capabilities as a camera/recorder. I'm always taking pictures with my phone
Team Android over here ;p .. Windows IOS sucks, unless you're a sociophile and you're life revolves around social networks and the like .. at least that's what i hear anyway "all your social networks right at your fingertips" is how one sprint rep explained it .. but since i'm more a loner and only play on FB seldomly, it's android for me, all day ;p
True, but IOS is an superb OS compared to Android. But the its full extend haven't been used yet.. So lags behind.
I have an Android phone because of the price. Getting an iOS doesn't hurt either because for me. It is stable and fast.