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No till now. It wasn't necessary for any of my tests.
I have & it kinda hurt me... I'd suppose its because they haven't done it properly or the right way eh?
I've had lots, I hate x-rays so much. I've had scans on my thumb, wrist, arm, head, kneecaps , foot and the list goes on. Its more the fact how they expect you to get into irritating positions whilst you're in agonising pain that annoys me more than anything.
Feeling Good

Had a lovely day today :)
Nothing incredible happened to make it memorable but it's been really good.
I've done lots of gardening...spent ages pricking out 120 Wall Flowers and 80 Delphiniums + spares, dead headed Roses and Chrysanthemums. Fed the birds and watched them on the bird feeder. Went out to lunch with my husband. Walked the dogs..three times :) Now it's beginning to rain so I'll fall asleep listening to it which is something I've always enjoyed.
So...a lovely day full of nothing special BUT..............
...................whenever a day like this occurs, it's 99.9% certain to be ruled out by something nasty. No idea why this happens, it just does. :(

but for the moment it's lovely :)