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Xbox VS PS3


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Which console do you prefer better? The Xbox, which has games such as Gears Of war, and Halo, where you get demos and DLC weeks before PS3, or do you prefer PS3, where it has games such as Uncharted, and God of War, where you have free internet connection to play online with friends?
I will go for Ps3, as i am addicted with Sony :D
I would have to say Xbox i just the love the layout and the games which are avalible. I have a PlayStation 3 and i just cant get on with the layout and i really dislike the controllers
I think the PS3 is best and i like it so much.PS3 more advantages so i like the ps3 not the xbox.
if you can get over xbox live and it's lack thereof features, it would be xbox all the way:)
It all depends really. Ive had both and look at it like this.

If you're a hardcore gamer, and want a console for quality gaming and fun online, then its the Xbox.

If you're a person who doesnt really game that often, and want the option of a cheap built-in Blu-Ray player, then go with the PS3..
I like the online play of the x-box live, the servers are great and almost never crash. The PS3 has better graphics and like others I just like sony.
I would have to say that PS3 Beats 360, although i do love a lot of the features that the 360 has that the ps3 doesn't. I think that if the combined into one system, it would be amazing!
I admit that I like the free PS3 online, but I much rather prefer the Xbox live community and the Xbox360 in general. Although it does cost $39.99/year to play online with friends.
Although Playstation has free online gaming, the Xbox community as said above is much better and more fun. They're are kids, teens and even adults that like to mock each other which makes gaming better and more fun!
The Evil Dead (Remake)

No I went to the Redbox yesterday my kids stayed over their cousins house for the night so I figured hey it is available why not.
It was produced by the Original makers of The Evil Dead including actor Bruce Cambell.
Now I must say I did watch the whole film and the effects were much better now then the original which we all know is a given. I was rather disappointed with the film. It got cheesy at points to the point of being stupid in my opinion.
This is a renter not a buyer.
I went and saw it in theatre and I have to say that I was disappointed as well. The movie wasn't that scary, and while the effects and such were better I missed the cheesiness of the old movie.

If you're bored one night, then it's definitely worth the watch ... but don't go in expecting to be amazed or anything.
I saw the originals and I laughed at the hilarious sequels but I'm not fan of horror movies. I just don't like them. It seems like they tried to remake this into a real horror movie and that just does not interest me at all.