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My favorite color is RED.
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Obama's Scandals what should happen?

So most people should know all the Scandals that are revolving around the Obama Administration. You have Benghazi, the IRS, Justice department wire taps on Journalists. Does Obama know anything or was he involved in any of the planning or implementation of these actions?

The question is valid and people deserve an answer. In reality though for the Republican leadership they should focus on finding the answers and doing it right rather then charging full steam ahead with an impeachment. Why? Because in reality they have no answers to any of the questions that need answers. To say he needs to be impeached just makes them look bad and turns most people off.

Now if they had the Answers to the hard question and could say without a shadow of a doubt that Obama told his people to do all this then yes I would support an impeachment process.

Do I think he knew about all of these issues I think the answer is yes the question that needs to be answered is to what degree. If he did not know what was going on in his own administration that would in my eyes make him the worst manager ever. In reality the President of The US is the General Manager for our country his cabinet are his employees. If he does not know or get updates as to what they are doing and he gives them free rein that makes him the worst boss ever.

If they answer these questions and they turn out to show he knew and let it continue and did nothing to stop it then people would get behind an impeachment.

For those that can remember Clinton had many Scandals when he was President the problem was Republicans did nothing with what they were given. JW (Judicial Watch) investigated several of those scandals and turned up quite good evidence. Instead of using it to continue to delve deeper into what was going on they turned tail and let it go because they did not want Democrats to bring out the skeletons in their closet.

Oh they said this about Impeachment and that based on the Monica Lewinsky scandal but in reality that was the wrong scandal to use to try to impeach him the public would never get behind that me included. Though they backed off when Dems pressured them.

So I think Obama should be held accountable for any wrong doings but I highly doubt he every will be. Republicans with the exception of a few are a bunch of pansy **** tarts who are afraid what can be brought out about them.