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Anyones a fan of it? I am very huge on this one. One of my most favorite flash games ever, most excellent to take things off your mind when you're bored and etc.
Haven't heard or seen this before. Anyway i will give a try.
Jason said:
Haven't heard or seen this before. Anyway i will give a try.
you should, especially just in case you're into flash games and sushi. You'd perhaps like to try the bento version of it? XDD
Xfinity is annoying.

Seriously, I have soo many lag issues. They say they're "Ultra fast" but I say bull crap.
Why am I mad? This lag happens so often to everyone near me almost every week. What's going on, man?
I don't like xfinity they are a rip off and no faster then AT&T. I myself left Comcast a long time ago. Though I read an interesting article about why broadband service is horrible. It has a lot to do with the fact the FCC won't let up on some restrictions on selling or renting radio signals.
Raizen said:
I would kill to go back to Comcast. They we're far better than what I have now. Cox Cable. Eeeewwww.
They are so overpriced for their services. Verizon and At&T are much better and priced rather well.