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Are you comfortable watching adult scenes


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Most of my favorite TV shows have a lot of adult scenes. I don't like adult scenes on TV shows or movies, however, I don't feel uncomfortable because I watch TV shows and movies alone. Sometimes I feel these scenes are justified and sometimes I feel that these scenes were unnecessary.
I think watching adult related scenes can be quite off-putting and awkward if it's just shoehorned into the show or movie. I get it if it's playing a part of the plot but if it's there for the sake of it then it's not overly great to watch and can often seem quite forced to.
I don't mind watching adult scenes, even if it's super raunchy haha!! I don't know, I just don't really care. As long as it's not too graphic then I'm all for it because it's a good way to show emotion between characters.

I don't like it when it goes over the top though like being graphic and going on for a long time because it can detract away from the plot.
I don't really have an opinion on adult scenes to be honest. I don't mind watching them and if they're relevant to the story then even better. As long as it's not something hardcore for no reason then it's fine. Adult scenes are just a normal part of life in my opinion.
In most cases, adult scenes are justified and they do work in a TV show or a movie. I do not mind watching them on my own but I feel when it is being watched with others, it can be a little uncomfortable.

I feel that is just a normal reaction though due to the nature of the scene.
I usually don't mind them, so long as I'm not eating or have someone nearby that would mistake the sounds being made, lol.
I don't like watching adult scenes with close family, especially my mother or father (deceased), obviously. That would make sense. How about you all?
I don't really mind watching them, after all I can simply skip these parts if I feel like it. I only find it awkward when am watching it with others.
Well, it really depends on the person I'm watching the movie with, if I watch it with a family member like my mother, I'll feel very uncomfortable watching that scene, but if I watch it with a different person probably not.
They can be fun! Still, I'd prefer to avoid them whenever I watch a movie with family members, it can get quite awkward.