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Does the media report stories as they come to inform the public of world affairs? or is it run by media mogul's who only write stories of propaganda to get you onside with their elite friends so that they can get the public onside for political gain?

Do they paint a proper picture of world leaders like Theresa May and Donald Trump?
Is there any biased shown like we seen in the Scottish Referendum and in catalonia recently?

Guns laws in america, are we being shown proper facts and figures?

Anything you can think of or any gripe you have with the media lets hear it !!!
The labour leader jeremy corbyn won a global peace prize a while ago. it never made headlines but the fact he was out in the street wearing a tracksuit and he turns upto work in cheap suits the tories ripped into him saying "could a man dressed like that argue his point in brussels about brexit negotiations?" who cares what he looks like as long as hes doing his job. just shows media biased of the tabloids not showing a global peace prize yet focused on his clothing?? shocking behaviour
Im not a fan of Corbyn to me he is a communist and im not a fan of communism, however on the note of how people look or dress shouldn't be held or measured against someone for the work they do, i do believe full system top to bottom is rigged and biased.
We are seeing the same crap every government we need drastic change.. corbyn will bring it. Would u prefer a Tory government ?
Nope i dont like the Torys either i used to be an SNP member and attend the meetings ect all the way before and after the referndum but im not a member or a fan of them for several reasons and policies that i find poor. What people need in every country is rid of the global zionist banking and coroprate machine and for every nation regain their sovereignty and freedoms and then work together on building better relations from scratch, better infrastructures hopsitals housings schools police and fire department ect all across the board, the people who own the news banks and major corporations such as Nestle ect should then be jailed for life for crimes against humanity simple as that but people are too bitter through “cultural differences” “religious ideologies” “racial views” ect to band together to actually do something about it and start being human beings again.
i agree with most part and im quite passionate about it too but when u say u used to be snp now ur not which i do understand, u dont want corbyn because hes a "communist" and you dont like tories but you want change on a global scale and bring down the elites, tell me callum how are you gonna do this if no **** has your vote lol
Because effectively they are cut from the same cloth i would say if i was to “label myself” it would be a national socialst but when i say that peoples eyes go wide and burt like ive killed there grandmother but dont understand my reasons for it and my definiton of it
In all honesty, I know that the media reports the truth being that I'm a journalist by profession but the blindside of it is that they don't report the whole truth with the excuse of not causing panic in the society.
They do.
But not all the because most times, they try to protect the interest of those who are involved.
This happens mostly when they are reporting for the government.

Most times, they get paid to hide the truth
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This is something we can't accurately predict as we all know that some portions of the media are certainly controlled by the government of the region, and so would only report a matter which is already authorized by the states government.