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Favorite Sport

Mine would be Soccer and Cricket
Mine would be Basketball. The NBA and college. A close second is American Football with college holding the edge over the NFL ever so slightly
Mine used to be football (was a United-fan to the core) but today it's probably basketball or volleyball.
The Case for Bullet Proof Vests

Yet another example yesterday has been given why EMS should be required and issued bullet proof vests while on the job. In Omaha NE, yesterday, a crazy faked a seizure in a store and then shot a paramedic inside the ambulance as it was transporting her to the hospital (LINK). Is this an isolated event? No unfortunately it is not. EMS everywhere are recognized as heroes who go out of their way to help others but hardly anyone thinks beyond that. The fact is EMS are often put into dangerous situation with unstable personalities in varying state of minds. These people may or may not be armed with a weapon and unlike law enforcement we do not do pat downs or think of a weapon or the danger of it at first when we talk to a patient. However everywhere the job is becoming increasingly more dangerous. EMS wants bullet proof vests....government says it's too expensive...who's right? EMS is of course.

We put our lives on the line to help our communities, often and commonly grossly underpaid and under-respected, so we at least deserve the tax payer to give back to us to ensure our safety. Buy EMS bullet proof vests. Donate old or un-needed vests to volunteer EMS companies. Call your local ambulance department and ask if they issue bullet proof vests and ask how you can accommodate them doing so.

This job is our life....literally.