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Did come across this technology by Google. I heard it , but didn't find out what it is exactly about. Share your views...
Google Project glass is basically having glasses that connect to your smartphone so that you can receive all the usual stuff- updates from twitter etc. straight into the display on your glasses. You can also talk to your smartphone via your glasses for example: You may ask your glasses how to get to the nearest McDonalds via a walking route and it will show you!! VERY COOL!
Wow amazing, i thought it was just a video display glass. But it is more than that.
Man of Steel

So I recently went and watched the new super man movie "Man of Steel", and I must say it is one of the best superman movies I have ever seen.

Although there where some parts I did not like. A part in particular that I can't say for those that have not seen it, but superman would never ever ever do in a million years. However, with that put aside the rest of the movie was amazing. Though, that would be my opinion.

Have any of you seen the movie? If so what are your thoughts?
You have not seen it? Would you like to see it?

??MAN OF STEEL? is the Superman movie we have been waiting for.?
- Nordling / Ain?t It Cool