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How do you find motivation?


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I generally lack motivation to do anything, with Confab-It being one of those few things I can actually get myself to do on a regular basis (although even then sometimes I can't be bothered).

How do you find motivation and what do you try to find motivation for?
I am very very very very very bad at motivating myself to do ANYTHING.
I get easily inspired by music and other people, and have also used things such as rage and spite to fuel myself to work in the past.
The only thing that motivates me is me wanting it, which is why I did bad at education the past few years. Not because I didn't want to learn, but because I didn't want (or really feel I need) the qualifications because I changed my mind on what I wanted to do when I'm older.

A random way of motivating myself to get up and move around (to get dressed or clean or something silly) I count down in my head and when I get to zero I get up. It sounds silly but it really works for me... It's like, if you tell yourself you HAVE to when you get to zero I just do. Sometimes I punish myself, not like grounding myself (lol) but refusing to let me go on Sims or something till I get something done haha.
^ I do that too.
I punish myself by not treating myself to what I want to do but I also reward myself if I do something productive then I reward myself with something I want to do or eat :p

I get easily mentally motivated. Psychically doing something is another story.
Take a minute to think about the kind of person you want to be. Think about what you want to happen in the near future.

What could you do to get to that point? It's not rocket science; the answers are usually pretty obvious.

Is the effort required to get to that point greater than your desire to be at that point?

If not, then good. You should be motivated now.

If it is, then do it anyway. What else are you going to do with your life? What, are you waiting for the Spanish inquisition or something?
When it comes to school I don't have any, I actually gave up even thinking about motivating myself because I'm that unmotivated :eek:
YOLO is a stupid term but the saying is pretty deep. I do the things I do to become a better person and I want to live life to the fullest. Also, I motivate myself by thinking of future me.
Motivation Invitation, for me, come from others who have achieved what I wish to achieved, or who are currently doing it.