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How many pets is too many?


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Do you think there is a limit to the number of domestic pets people should have before it is too many?
Personally I think that as long as the owner has enough space for the animals to have personal alone time if needed, and providing the owner has the financial means to support all the pets having a high standard of life there shouldn't be a limit.
Obviously the more pets someone has the more time it takes to look after them so the amount of free time someone has should also be a consideration as to the number of pets that it is feasible to have.
I have 3 dogs and I take very good care of them. It's all about being able to fend for them the same way you do for yourself. If you can't, it's better to just have 1 and take good care of it.
Well there is laws that prevent people from hoarding animals. I believe where I live locally you can only have 2 dogs max per household.
It depends,as for me,I think 1 or 2 dogs is okay. I don't hate pets,neither do I love them,I just appreciate them and I would rather just admire them from afar.
As many as you can comfortably take care of. For me 2 pets dogs is okay and I can afford to take care of them comfortably.
I wouldn't say that you can ever put a limit on how many pets someone can have as some people can probably handle looking after more pets than others. The way I look at it is if you are able to take care of the pets that you have as well as you need to and if you are able to provide them with food and the attention they need then you can have as many pets as you feel you can handle. I myself had one cat before she passed away last year and 4 guinea pigs and that was enough for us and we knew we wouldn't be able to have anymore and that was our limit. Unfortunately, we lost 3 guinea pigs between August 2022 and January 2023 due to old age and now we only have one guinea pig. I feel I could handle more pets now but because we lost so many as quickly as we did due to old age and also illness as my cat suffered heart failure at 12 years old, we are not ready to take on any more at the moment.