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Paging File Blue Screen Error..


Anurag M

My PC is giving Blue Screen Errors sometimes, and says not enough paging file or something.. Does anyone know the cause of this error? can it be fixed?
I think there is less space allocated for the paging files, if you have xp, right click your My computer and go for the properties and in tat window choose the advanced tab.

In that go for performance tab settings and you will get a new window, in that again choose advance and change the virtual memory settings. It is better to keep the file size double of the RAM.
Thanks mate, will try doing that. And will let you know, if it works or not.. ;)
Server Error


I'm occasionally getting a server error, it stats theres an error and that my post did not go through and to try again later. But when I try again it turns into a double post.

Not sure whats going on XD
I tried to install a plugin but it's not working with this version of xenforo. Xenforo 1.2 is too new and lot of the plugins haven't updated for it yet lol. That's what was causing it.