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Prison Architect


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Not sure how many have this or even know about it.

It's a simulation/tycoon kinda game.

You have to build and maintain a prison, and keep updating it and expanding it as you gain more and more prisoners. *I'm crap at describing games, I know*.

The game is still only in Alpha stage but it's so **** promising!


Every Alpha release they bring something new and exciting to the game, for Alpha 13 they made it so the prisoners would use the tools which they pick up around the prison *from Alpha 12* and begin digging a tunnel out of your prison, and I believe in the next Alpha release *Alpha 14* they are bringing out the possibility to have search dogs, for these people digging tunnels to make it a lil easier, as while they are digging the tunnel, they create a dummy to sleep in their bed, but it looks just like a person/character, so unless you send in a guard to search the cell, they could be long gone XD

It was on sale last week for like ?11 something but has since gone up, but it's still worth the ?20 I paid for it.

Alpha releases are every month.

Look it up on YouTube if you're not too sure.
I was thinking of getting this saw it on the cheap when it was summer sale, but backed out since I ordered Total war 2 among other things.