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Social network has become a part of our internet life, with which you can advertise, meet with friends and get to know more.

My question is, what are all the social network do you use.

I use Facebook, Twitter and some time Orkut (Google's old network).
I absolutely hate FaceBook, I'd much rather use Google+. As stated however, Google+ does not have the people it needs to get off of the ground unfortinatly. I hate facebooks layout, and everything about it. Though I tend to use it more mainly because of that one reason...
Hmm, i don't hate facebook. But stopped using it much as of before.
Facebook is OK. I do use it occasionally. I'm not one to do a lot of online socializing, though. I mostly go to the site to see what others have written. Recently joined a new social network called HeavenUp. It is new to me, so haven't used it a lot yet, either. Am hoping it will work out to be a great one.
The only one I use now is Facebook. I have a personal beef with Google+ so i'm refusing to go over there.
I've found that the only reason I joined the multitude of social networks is to benefit from the rewards offered by products and media
Rewards by products and media, could you elaborate more in it?
I did use facebook a lot, but now its getting boring, so i tweet more often now.
LOL now i found out the reason for the downfall of Facebook shares :D
One Hit Home

It?s with deep regret that we pass on to you the Line of Duty death of a volunteer Firefighter from Lebanon County, PA. Initial reports are that the Firefighter, in his 20?s, was responding to an initial vehicle crash when he was involved in a separate crash. The Firefighter, from the Quentin Volunteer Fire Company, was killed in the Line of Duty in crash that occurred in West Cornwall Township, at the intersection of Horseshoe Pike and Spangler Road. We?ll post more details in the morning.

I don't know who it is yet. However this young fire fighter was one of the stations over from my volunteer station in PA. I probably knew him. I may have worked with him in the past. I don't know. However it's times like these when you have to question what you do and the risks involved. It could happen to anyone. It takes one hit close to home to realize it. RIP.