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As new and creative forums come up, many Admin need moderators or co-admins. So how many forums you act as a staff.

I am a Admin here and a moderator in one forum.
I am a moderator over at WebGurubb.com. I've cut down on the time I spend on forums but I used to be on the anotheradminforum staff team and was an Admin (well co-owner) for WebGurubb... :)
Nice Sam, i have seen your contributions and work in webgurubb...
Well i'm the Admin on the new site i'm currently working on and i am also a packager on Promotion Central. I love the team i'm currently working with on PC, everyone seems to be really great :)
Nice Steven, i have seen your work in PC.

hi my name is David C.

I just found this website and already like it.

Nice to be here , see you soon on others forum topic ;)

I love skateboard , costume mariage and play xbox
Nice Kudda, i know your service..!!
I used to be an admin on one forum and a mod on two others but i've left them recently to dedicate my time to my own little forum.
Glad you took the decision. Wishing you great success for your forum.
Usually many members do it in spare time. But few get paid for their service.
Jason said:
Usually many members do it in spare time. But few get paid for their service.
But thats pretty pricey eh? Or costly or expensive?
Not much but depends upon the niche.
I work on three forums at the moment one has 20k posts, another has 8k posts and another one has just started out. It has 573 posts to be exact. :D

I enjoy working on all of these forums, espicially when you have known the people for a very long time. :)
I'm staff on around 3/4 forums currently, keeps me very busy and allows me to get to know a lot of different people. I love making friends!
I have already acted in two paid forums as co-admin and in four forums as moderator and super moderator.
Best Fight Scene?

I'd have to say the best would the final battle between Yusuke and Sensui in Yu Yu Hakusho. What do you think??

Irako Seigen vs Iwamoto Kogan

Utterly badass! 11 minutes well spent, check it out. Beware of spoilers, and make sure to turn on captions. Enjoy.
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