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The Last of Us... SEQUEL?


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18th September 2013
Yesterday at an International Game Developer Association (IGDA) keynote presentation in Toronto, Neil Druckmann, the creative director of Naughty Dog?s critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 game, The Last of Us, was on hand to provide further insight into the development process of what is arguably one of the best video games ever made.

During the Q and A period of the presentation, Druckmann provided further insight into the future of The Last of Us. It?s expected by many that some sort of sequel or spin off will be developed at some point. After all, the game did sell 3.14 million copies, an impressive number, especially for a title that isn?t multiplatform.

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I guess I could live with a spin-off, but I'm not too sure how a sequel will go down. Kudos to them if they can create a sequel that is equally impressive, if not better than the first. Though I struggle to see how they can lead off from it - possibly Ellie will be an adult, Joel passed away. Who knows?

What do you think about releasing a sequel?
How do you think they could lead on from it?
DLC has been annouced by them

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Never really played the whole game and I don't think I will now :p so I can't come to any conclusions.