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What is your favorite movie?


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Hey guys, just wondering what some of the members at X-zone favorite movies are. For me the list changes all the time but if i had to pick one right now then i would say "The Social Network". Its a very smart movie with a few funny scenes at times. It's also inspiring. After i watched it, i instantly wanted to go and create a site :)
I would go for V for Vendetta. An awesome and one of the favorite.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie 7, part 2. The dark knight and many more.
Mine would definitely be: Rocky (1976). It was such an awesome movie. I've literally watched it like 10 times already. Most likely more, I lost count! XD
Saving Private Ryan, excellent film and so realistic, I love war films and this is one amazing, so many big names too.
National Treasure
The Expendables
Blood Diamond
Silent Hill
The Last Samurai
House of Wax
The Hills Have Eyes
The Last Samurai is brilliant.
Day After Tomorrow cool movie, i love pierce brosnan's acting
I think my favourite movie has to be 21 jump street. It is actually hilarious, i would recommend it to everyone.
Mine too is the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2. Also:
Silent Hill
The Black Swan.

Some type of mind bending movies :D
Black Swan an awesome movie.
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