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Human Leather

Rebecca Chambers

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So in my regular traversing of the series of tubes, I stumbled upon something I thought was a little gross. We all know what leather is, and most of us know how it's made, along with what it's made from. But there's a company out there doing something a little different.


Their products are primarily made from human skin taken from the abdomen and lower back, and are apparently run similarly to a charity; people bequeath their skin to them before they die, and I assume before the person is buried these people come along and... slashy slashy.

Looks like a fake site to me. Their prices are huge ($27,000 for a pair of shoes) but the site in no way seems congruent with a site that sells high value products. There are errors on the site and there is no easy or obvious way to buy products from it. My guess is that someone set it up to attract traffic through its shock value.
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While it has been done before and a guy known as Big Nose George's shoes are in a cabinet at a museum, it's not something that many people would be interested in.
As mentioned before, looking at the site and content it leans a lot towards being a fake site - but people have done it in the past. Just not that many people would really wants to be that close to human remains...
Of course it's fake, people. No phone number on the site to contact the company, the wording is all wrong, there are no pictures of their "product", the lack of attention to the legalities of this "business"; there is just way too much unanswered and too much that is highly questionable.
Not to mention the fact that they claim to cater to a very elite and selective group; companies like that don't use cheesy-looking sites like this. If it's "oh-so-exclusive" why is it so poorly done?
Nah, this is a total crock.
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