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Michael Gove on Food Bank Users [UK]


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Michael Gove - Tory Education Secretary, argues that people who find themselves unable to buy essentials, including food and school uniforms have themselves to blame for being unable ?to manage their finances?.
He believes families become too poor and turn to food banks because of their own ?decisions?.
He fails to acknowledge that the reason families are made to rely on food banks to feed themselves, is that the government has imposed a litany of vindictive policies which largely benefit the wealthy and make things tougher for the poor. Combined with stagnating wages and the rising cost of living, is it any wonder that over half a million people in the UK have now turned to food banks in order to survive?
Here it is, yet again... Another Tory MP who has no idea how life really is for the majority of people, and who seeks to blame the poor at every hurdle for the failings of our hapless government.

Daily Mail article.

Do you agree or disagree with Gove?
Is people being 'poor' the fault of that person because of their decisions?
In some cases yes. I know people on benefits who are somehow capable of buying the latest iPhones, upgrading computers, getting new 3DTVs, etc. If they end up unable to eat, that's their fault.
It depends.

I know people that blame all homeless for being homeless, and this is pretty much the same. It just depends.

You will meet someone who got kicked out at 16 and was homeless for a year before getting involved in heroin and now they have no chance of getting anywhere. You have people that got bored of their job so they started living off benefits before they got rejected one day and put on the streets. Every single story is different so you can't say they all deserve it or all don't.

The big question really is: Is it impossible to become homeless, or to start needing to go to a food bank, even if you try your best to avoid it?

The answer being, yes it still is possible. And from that you can't say they all deserve it, because not all had the choice.