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Does your town/province have any unique traits?


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Does your town or province have any traits or characteristics that people recognize you for?

Example: People from Birmingham are often attributed to having a specific accent, for instance the slang term "Brummy" is pronounced "Brummmay".

The other day there was a large moth in our living room which my parents have usually referred to as a Bobowler moth. Upon searching it up on the web I found out there was no such thing and the actual word was a slang term originating from Birmingham. :p
^ I was there! ;D

Here we're called Yam Yams :p
Unique accents here; when you see someone on TV from here you know they are XD

Pretty sure there's some slang terms I've used and Kirk didn't know what they meant, trying I think of them :p
Nothing special here except it's really hot and about 50% of the population is Mexican. So because of that, there is a lot of Mexican culture.

(I'm not mexican)
My home town Is Sydney Minto and i have no information that my city has any unique traits...
Not really known for it unless you care to look it up, but my town spawned Britain's first ever female barrister.
Not really, we like to copy places - like we made our own mini Hollywood sign but with our town's name instead.
Stoke on Trent was the biggest pottery town back in the day.

Biddulph (The town I live in within Stoke on Trent) is twinned with another town in italy.

Stoke has the largest outdoor skate park in Europe as well as the biggest or second biggest tesco store :D

All pretty **** really