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Anyone a fan of the Fallout games?

I very much enjoy Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, with the latter being my favorite. I also tried playing the original games from years ago but just couldn't get into them; the "Skyrim with guns" aspect of the game appeals to me too much that I can't enjoy the isometric view of the previous games.

I've downloaded both of them again and have installed a few modifications. :D
My boyfriend wants me to try itttttttttt but I still didn't. Funny thing he also described it as a "Skyrim with guns" game (he knows how much I love Skyrim u.u)
Guilty of only playing since Fallout 3, but I really did enjoy them. As a matter of fact I'm currently playing through 3 again. Can't really forget this moment the first time I played it:

Fallout 3 is my favorite game of all time. I love the sandbox adventure style and the different stories. The side quests are amazing, and unlike skyrim none of them are boring.
I've never played them, I've always wanted to - I might buy them if on sale.
Been modding and fixing both games all day. :lol:
I haven't played any Fallout games myself, but my brother got Fallout 3: New Vegas recently (it was on Steam Sale) and I watch him play occasionally. I love this game's slightly twisted dark sense of humour! :p Post-apocalypse stuff is not my cup of tea, but because of the humour Fallout appears to be quite enjoyable. I think I'll try playing it this weekend.