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The Royal Labour


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Yep, Kate Middleton has gone into labour and many people are excited for the royal baby to arrive. Are you excited for it? Do you care? Were you interested in their wedding?

What are your views? :)

I'm curious as to what they'll call the baby, but I'm not too crazy over it :p
I'm actually so bored of the subject because my mum talks about it all the time as she's so obsessed with it, it's actually insane. o_O

I have a feeling it's gunna be a boy :)
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Could not care less about another tax drain, who'll never have to do a days work in their life but I'll have to hear about every day for the rest of mine.
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I don't really care either.. it's just like any other baby imo. Nothing new. I'm sure they'll give him a royal, posh name. :p
People on TV just keep talking about it. It's insane. Who really cares? I guess some monarchists in the United Kingdom, but I don't even live in UK! Why do the journalist expect us to care? It's not our country, it's not a second coming of Messiah, it's nothing that will actually matter in the long run! Seriously. I wish everybody would just stop this fuss and let Kate and William raise their kid.
Well, I do happen to care even if I'm not British. I guess because I followed Princess Diana's story up to the point of her untimely death. So, I have taken an interest in her two sons. Yes, I don't think the new media should be hyping this as much as they have, but then whats new with the news media. Once they get on a story they can't seem to get off it.