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Would you die for your partner?


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We had a Would you Kill thread, how about; Would you die for your partner?

I'm not saying would you die if your partner asked you to :p
I'm asking; if you were in a life and death situation and you or your partner had to die, what would you do logically? realistically? I know some people have situations with kids, the man would want to take that role of protection etc.
I'll never take a bullet for someone. If I have time to jump in front of them then they have time to move!

But Im not sure if I'd let a robber take my life to keep my partner safe.

Of course, my partner is my phone, so...hmm...:p
I'd try and save them, even if it meant risking my life. But hopefully, I would never have to be in that situation. :)
I would. I would put my life in danger anyday. I would want him to live his life and I will put his life before mine.
I don't have a partner, but at this time I do not believe I would - in the past, near or far future.
Yes, I think so. He has more going for him, than I have going for myself. More people would mourn his death. I don't get appreciated at all by people close to me for my kindness, so maybe dying for my partner would make them see that.